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Girdling tool M19
Girdling tool with three rotary cutting discs

Girdling Tool M19

Product description

The girdling is performed through three rotating discs, which will provide a more precise cut and faster healing.


● Unlike conventional girdling tools that cut with two blades, the rotary discs cut without tearing the skin of the fruit tree, allowing a more precise cut and avoiding removing part of the bark.

● Each disc performs the girdling at a third of the branch, so the operator only has to make a one-third turn, thus reducing working time. In traditional girdling tools the operator has to make a minimum turn of half of the branch.

● Plastic handles.

Available in two sizes:

MODELS Weight Wide ∅ MIN ∅ MAX
M19 / 20-55 185 gr 230 mm 20 mm 55 mm
M19 / 50-80 190 gr 240 mm 50 mm 80 mm

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