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Do you know what a nut can do for you?

I bet you do.
We can not imagine many of the objects that we use every day without that nut that makes them work.
What you may not know is that at RAMON MANZANA, S.L. we are always thinking about going a step further in the harvesting world and once again… we have achieved it!

RAMON MANZANA, S.L., always at the forefront regarding innovation in shears for harvesting citrus fruits, develops its range of adjustable shears. This range preserves the most beneficial characteristics of the traditional models and at the same time provides a new assembly system that enables users to eliminate the annoying play of the traditional models due to the intensive use. The system has been well thought-out to prevent the nut from loosening with use, yet without this being a nuisance for the user.


Perfect adjustment at all times

Coupling suitable to the degree of effort required by each user

Greater life cycle of the tool

Greater working comfort

Elimination of unnecessary efforts

Perfect adaptability to the work

Reduced nut that does not disturb the picker